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Aviation is a unique industry, and aviation professionals have their own set of financial challenges.

Pilots and other professionals are often well-paid, but at the cost of training-related debt and a job tied closely to their health.  It’s the kind of financial risk that requires a specialised plan – and that’s where Merit comes in.

As experienced financial consultants with many clients in the aviation industry, we understand that relatively high-risk jobs like piloting require smart financial planning to simultaneously protect and grow wealth. 

You also need a comprehensive investment strategy – many pilots we work with, for example, prefer making their super work for them through an SMSF, rather than leaving it in an industry or accumulation fund.

Remember: the actions you take today lay the groundwork for your financial future.

It’s time to start making the most of your income.

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Problem: High Training Cost

One of the biggest challenges newly licenced pilots face is the cost of their education and training.

The average CPL diploma costs around $75,000 – roughly double the average university degree.  You’ll probably also need to spend extra money on getting ratings or on practice flights outside of school, which means you could walk into your first job with a very sizeable debt.

Removing that debt should be a priority, but it often isn’t as easy as it sounds.  Good financial planning can help you grow your wealth while still paying off your training costs, putting you in good stead for your later years.

Problem: PAYG Salary

Unlike many comparable industries, most pilots are on PAYG salaries, which makes claiming allowable deductions difficult.

The result is that you might pay more tax than professionals on a similar income in other industries, which, in turn, means your take-home pay is significantly lower.

To maximise the income you do receive, it’s important to have a clear financial plan in place – good investment strategies and smart structuring can help you make the most of your wealth.

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Our aim is to ensure that the decisions you make have a positive impact on your most precious assets.

Problem: Health Dependence

As a pilot, your ability to earn is tied closely to your physical health.  You can potentially be prohibited from flying if you have substance abuse issues, mental health conditions, heart problems, vision or balance deterioration, sleep disorders, or anything else that could temporarily or permanently affect your ability to fly safely.

Around 40% of Australians have a disability or chronic health condition – and the risks of developing one or both increase as you get older.

That makes having a smart financial plan and good personal insurance critical, especially if your loved ones are dependent on you for financial support.

Talk to us to find out how we can arrange competitive personal insurance cover and other necessary income protection mechanisms.

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