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Investing for Today and for the Future

We provide you with investment strategies to help you reach your short- and long-term goals.

These strategies are developed from an understanding of your current financial position, your objectives, and your attitude to investment risk to ensure the best match between you and your investment strategy.

Protecting You, Your Family, and Your Business

Protecting your wealth, lifestyle and business is as important as building it. You need to ask yourself the hard 'what if?' questions.

Merit Planning Hills has access to a range of fully researched insurance products that balance protection with value for money. Whatever your wealth protection needs, we help provide peace of mind.

Putting Your Superannuation to Work

Superannuation legislation is complicated.

We keep abreast of the latest developments through ongoing professional development and access to technical experts.

Our advice means your superannuation works as hard as you do.

Managing Your Business Succession

Your business is important to you. It's one of your most valuable assets, and you've invested part of your life into it.

But what happens if something happens to you or one of the partners in your business?

You may have your succession planning in place, but how do you protect against the unexpected?

We can assist you with developing a succession plan that covers this contingency.

Shaping Your Retirement Starts Today

You need to plan ahead for your retirement. The right plan helps ensure that your golden years aren't just comfortable, but enjoyable as well.

We provide you with tax-effective ways to maximise your retirement assets and future income.

Effective Estate Planning

Estate planning is more than just deciding upon the distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries.

Our approach considers the best way to manage those assets, how to achieve the best tax efficiency, and the protection of your estate.

Understanding Government Benefits

You've paid your taxes. When the time comes, you should receive everything you're entitled to.

Our knowledge of social security legislation helps you maximise your benefits and get the most out of your existing investments.

Making the Most of Retrenchment and Redundancy

Redundancy and retrenchment are often unexpected. We can help you achieve the best financial outcome in a bad situation. ​

We'll advise you on the best way to receive your payout and achieve optimal tax outcomes. When you get to your next job, we'll provide advice to help you make the most of your remuneration package.

We Can Help

Whatever your financial situation, we can offer you tailored financial planning and investment expertise and services, including:

  • Financial planning advice
  • Wealth creation, accumulation and protection advice
  • Superannuation advice, including advice for self-managed superannuation funds
  • Succession and retirement planning
  • Investment advice, option selection, and ongoing monitoring
  • Redundancy and Centrelink benefits advice
  • Cash, debt and budgeting management advice
  • Life, disability and income protection insurance advice
  • Estate planning and aged care advice

Your life is about you and the people and things you love.
What you do today determines your tomorrow.

Our expertise lies in helping you make sound financial decisions today to create a better tomorrow.

  • Budget, cash flow planning and wealth creation strategies
  • Risk protection and insurance strategies
  • Superannuation advice, including self-managed super funds (SMSFs)
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate planning, including access to trusts, Wills, and powers of attorney
  • Cash, fixed interest, property and share investments
Your Business

You’ve invested part of your life in building it.

Our expertise lies in helping you build a solid foundation for your business that’s aimed at maximising the value of your investment.

  • Succession planning
  • Risk protection
  • Partnership agreements
  • Buy-sell agreements
  • Key person protection
  • Superannuation planning and self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs)

You, your family,
your business, your future.

Our aim is to ensure that the decisions you make
have a positive impact on your most precious assets.