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Investing in bonds

Favouring Australian Investments

Currency, Gold & Energy

December Economic Update

Wall of Interest Rate Hikes + Fixed Interest Market Review (24 minutes)

  • Market observations – rocketing bond yields and falling markets (down over 20% on average)
  • Explanation of how Central Banks raise rates to reduce demand and lower prices
  • US FED predictions of how high rates will go
  • Michael Knox models how high Australian interest rates should go
  • Comparison of performance – popular Bond Funds vs Morgans strategy in floating rate notes

Slowing Global Economy (7 minutes)

  • Growth in 2023 slows to 1/5th of what it was in 2021 (hence our Defensive stance)
  • Inflation is broad based and sticky – rents, doctors, dentists, medicines all going up even as energy prices come down
  • Quotes from Central Bankers – “This will not be painless”
  • China lockdowns, Ukraine, strong US dollar all contribute to a slowdown
  • World Bank predicting many economies may hit recessions

Building the Future with Commodities and Energy (10 minutes)

  • Recession fears are cutting commodity prices – this is all short term
  • The huge medium to long term positive is the lack of investment in the supply of commodities will lead to high prices for a long timeframe
  • Electric vehicles and non-fossil fuel power generation requires 5 x the metal usage as conventional vehicles and coal/gas plants
  • The average non fossil fuel power plant produces a fraction of the power of a coal plant (so you need to build many more)
  • As an example – to build the power plant fleet for net zero we need 190 years of 2019 copper supply (big long term opportunity)

September Economic Update (20 minutes)

  • Given the uncertainty of current times we have enacted a ‘Defensive Stance’ investment strategy from May 2022
  • Selling down sectors of concern – US shares, global exposures, technology investments, high P/E stocks, housing & construction, listed property trusts, and discretionary
  • Retaining or adding to interest rate sensitive sectors – commodities, energy, banking, insurance, staples, high conviction growth, floating rate fixed interest
  • Noting excellent core model portfolio performance in Australian equities
  • Additions to Model portfolios and ‘Alternative’ investments
  • Discussing the catalysts for a change back to a growth strategy (1994 market case study)

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