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Doctors and other high-earning health practitioners often require specialised financial planning advice because their earning patterns and liabilities are so different from the average Australian. 

With decades of extensive experience in medical financial planning, we understand the challenges regularly faced by practitioners: overinvestment in property, neglected super, and high-net-worth estate planning. 

We know that implementing sound financial strategies is often deferred for the future – practices are busier than ever, and it’s hard to make time for yourself – but we strongly encourage our clients to view poor finances as they would a health condition.

Chronic financial instability has its aetiology during your thirties and forties, when money isn’t saved, assets aren’t invested in, and super isn’t nurtured.

But the symptoms won’t appear immediately.

It’s only once you’ve stopped earning that you’ll start feeling your past decisions.

With smart financial planning early in your career, you can create a better tomorrow for you and your loved ones.

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Wealth Creation Strategies

Build strategies to create and keep more wealth, including cost reduction and cash flow enhancement.

Risk Protection & Insurance Strategies

Protect yourself, your loved ones, and your wealth with the right policies.

Superannuation and Specialised SMSF Advice

Discover how SMSFs can make your super work for you.

Estate Planning

Preserve your legacy with a plan that covers more than just your Will.

Investment Advice & Portfolio Management

Maximise return and minimise risk with our field-tested investment strategies.

Retirement Planning

Safeguard your future by ensuring financial stability – even when you stop earning.

Financial Planning for Sydney Doctors

As a doctor, you probably occupy a unique financial profile: high-earning, but with low super and a substantial education debt.  Post-graduate scholarship and subsequent qualifications may have held you back from earning until your early thirties.

And it’s those traits that can lead to financial problems like:

  • Too much debt. Banks often feel comfortable lending to practitioners, which can lead to overleveraging.
  • Not enough super. Most Australians begin contributing to their super in their late teens or early twenties; doctors often don’t see a return on their education until their thirties.
  • A concentrated portfolio of low-return assets. Doctors have a tendency to overinvest in property, rather than embracing a more secure, higher-yield diversified portfolio.

At Merit, we use our extensive experience in healthcare financial planning to help you navigate your financial future. 

We know that the choices you make today will impact your tomorrow.

Talk to us about creating a financial strategy that positions you for stable, long-term wealth.

You, Your Family, Your Business, Your Future.

Our aim is to ensure that the decisions you make have a positive impact on your most precious assets.

Financial Planning for Sydney Dentists

As a dentistry professional, it’s easy for the years to pass quickly. 

By the time you get qualified, build up some experience, develop your career, and maybe start your own practice, you could be in your forties or early fifties – and retirement is just around the corner.   

Most dentists don’t have a complete understanding of post-retirement finances.  Without that understanding, it’s impossible to plan accurately, which is why so many practitioners choose inefficient investment vehicles.

Young dentists often invest too conservatively in low-return assets.  Older dentists, particularly those who didn’t plan their finances earlier in life, have a tendency to ‘roll the dice’ by putting sizeable portions of their wealth into high-risk high-return assets.

It’s also common for dentists to neglect asset protection.  For example, life insurance is much more affordable when you’re younger, but most people wait until they’re in their late thirties to buy policies.  House and contents insurance, professional indemnity insurance, and a diversified investment portfolio are also integral to managing your financial risk.  

That’s why we recommend crafting a comprehensive financial plan as soon as possible. 

The sooner you get on top of your finances, the more secure you and your loved ones will be.

Talk to us about our tailored financial solutions for dentistry professionals.

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